The Growing Lab


The Growing Lab explores the convergence of 3D printing technology and botany, printing growing vessels that evolve as the plants grow.

The growling lab emerged from a simple question; Can we create objects that grow with nature?

Can we create vessels that incubate, sustain and evolve with plants. Both informing how the plants grow, and informed by the plant growing.

As prototypes grew, we realised the need for an alternative to soil to grow the plants in, because as our vessels expanded, their structure opened up, allowing soil to escape.

So we used jelly.


Agar Jelly is vegan alternative to gelatine, made from seaweed. It’s most commonly used to make vegan jelly, or in labs to grow bacteria cultures. What jelly allows us to do is grow in 3 dimensions. It allows us to use far more open structures than we ever could with soil, as well as working as the primary nutrient source for the seeds. 

The vessel keeps the seed in darkness initially, ideal when they’re first sprouting. 

The coils then provide a structure for the plants to grow along and around, as well as creating an expandable, attachable structure that literally grows with the plants. 

As the plants become larger, the coils expand, and additional vessels can be attached, creating an intertwined network of plants and vessels that can be grow in any direction.